ASPIS S.A. cetifications with protocol GLOBALG.A.P Crop for Processing (CfP), GLOBALG.a.p - Farm Sustainability Assessment (GG FSA), AGRO2.1 & AGRO2.2

The implementation of integrated management systems offers significant benefits to pollinators’ health through more rational use of inputs into agriculture (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and compliance with legal requirements. Integrated crop management  is a holistic production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people. We produce safe products through the environmental requirements of applied protocols, with a sensitivity to agricultural activity in all our interventions on the environment, biodiversity, the health of beneficial organisms and pollinators.


ASPIS SA announces the certification
of peach cultivation with the following protocols

•          GLOBALG.A.P- Crop for Processing (CfP),

•          Global Gap – Farm Sustainability Assessment (GG FSA),

•          AGRO2.1 & AGRO2.2


ASPIS SA is committed to responding more and more positively

Specific improvements in particular in the management of Plant Protection and Lubrication, in the prevention of pollution and in the environmental needs and sensitivities of the communities in which it operates,
Satisfying the modern, additional and increasing demands of the market with measurable improvements in the quality of its products, thereby promoting its aim for top quality in the Greek and European markets and being able to deliver its entire production on economically advantageous terms
Ensuring hygienic and safe working conditions for staff, subcontractors and producers themselves working on the Farm; and

 Through the above and other specific measures outlined in the individual management plans of protocols, achieve clear comparative advantages for the sustainability of the farm and the improvement of the economic performance of each producer.

 ASPIS SA – K.DEDES has been certified for GLOBALG.A.P (CfP) + Add-on GGFSA on October 18, 2019 and for AGRO2.1 & AGRO2.2 on October 23, 2019 by QMSCERT.

Our company also promotes actions for the certification of apricots and citrus fruits.

Add-on FSA
AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2.
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